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In keeping with our commitment to migrate COBOL to the most advanced C# and .NET technology, we are moving our runtime to .NET 6 for both batch and online programs.

99% Efficiency COBOL to C# Migration

Accuracy 99.9 percentLanguage Portability Solutions is dedicated to helping you reduce cost and improve productivity while upgrading your applications to the latest technology.  Our suite of COBOL conversion tools can automatically translate your COBOL applications to well organized, readable and maintainable C# for a fraction of the cost and risk of rewriting.  Because our tools filter 99.9% of your COBOL to C# without manual intervention, your migration costs are greatly reduced.  At the same time, the consistency inherent in an automated migration means you have a substantially lower risk of errors or service level issues in the migrated code.  By adopting the latest technology you reduce time-to-market for system enhancements allowing more rapid response to business needs.  Plus, the ready availability of C# programmers means faster and easier staffing – often at a lower cost than COBOL programmers. We are committed to making your mainframe migration a success by delivering a high quality application on time and on budget.  With literally decades of experience in migrations, language translation software and runtime environments our team has what it takes to meet your needs.  We invite you to learn more about how we can help you meet your objectives as you explore this site.  When you’re ready, contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and the services we provide.

Increase savings on your migration with Language Portability Solutions services

  • No need to alter your current migration plans
  • No requirement to change your migration partner.
  • Virtually Risk Free
  • Dramatically increased productivity in your migration
  • Easily deploy your migrated programs to the Cloud
  • Put COBOL Rewrite Dollars in your company.
  • Our service fits into your current plan. The only change is that your code will be converted with greater efficiency and ultimately a lower cost.

What Language Portability Solutions Does

Automated Program Migration

At the heart of our services is the automated migration engine. Using our experience in compiler development, language translation, virtual runtime environments and multi-platform support we have created an automated tool that migrates 99.9% of your COBOL source code to C# without need for manual intervention or correction.

Automated Database Migration

We have developed a set of tools that can automatically migrate your DB2 schemas to SQL Server DDL. In addition, we can automatically generate programs that will unload the data from DB2 tables and populate the corresponding SQL Server tables. If you use VSAM we can also generate programs that migrate VSAM data.

Server Support Utilities

One of the most striking differences between mainframe applications and applications running on a Windows server is the range of technologies available to manage the user’s interaction with the application. In order to minimize the impact of the transition from mainframe to server migrations while, at the same time, modernizing the user interaction to the maximum extent possible, we have developed a series of Server Support Utilities. These utilities include a VSAM emulator using an underlying SQL Server database and a Web Transaction Server utility that manages the interactions between users and application programs.

C# Developer Orientation

We provide a set of runtime objects and methods that are used to insure that migrated COBOL programs are efficient and functionally identical when running in C#. We can provide your C# developers orientation and training to insure they get the most out of these facilities when enhancing and maintaining your migrated C# application.

William Calcagni and Robert Camacho developed fourth generation languages and mainframe productivity tools that created COBOL programs for mainframes as well as code for three-tiered applications that ran on both UNIX and Windows. These tools were used in Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Quaker Oats, Keebler Cookies, Toys ‘R’ Us, Dai-ichi Kongyo Bank, the French Mutuelle Générale de la Police and the Government of Belgium. Bill and Bob have once again combined their talents in Language Portability Solutions to offer this powerful and unique service.