About Language Portability Solutions

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“Provide our worldwide clients with the best value in application portability technology.”

Our Mission

Language Portability Solutions’ mission is to provide rapid and lasting return on investment for our clients by creating the best automated technology for porting COBOL application systems to the .NET environment.

Our Values

Integrity is the cornerstone of every business decision we make.

We are committed to:

  • Honesty.  Before we recommend, we consider your specific situation and assure that our solutions will be the correct choice to lead to total satisfaction.
  • Simplicity. Our tools are effective, the output is well structured and represents your desired approach to migration strategy.
  • Completeness. We strive to deliver a code conversion factor in excess of 99.9% to lessen manual coding, reduce overall costs, and mitigate risk.
  • Accountability.  We assure that the converted application provides the promised results.
  • Trust.  The promised results are delivered reliably and on time.

Our Timeline


  • Founded Jacksonville Software
  • Released COGEN 4GL COBOL Generator for Unisys mainframes


  • Released XGEN 4GL Multiplatform
  • COBOL Generator for Unisys and IBM mainframes


  • Offered Unix XGEN and Micro XGEN for PCs


  • Company name changed to Openware Technologies


  • Openware undertook its first mainframe migration


  • Openware purchased and later acquired by MPS Group as Idea Legacy


  • Founded Mediaware technogies
  • Released ClientView middleware software for IBM and Unisys mainframes


  • IBM ClientView acquired by ClientSoft and Unisys ClientView acquired by Idea Legacy
  • Starting in 2005, worked with Idea Legacy on multiple mainframe to PC server migrations


  • In conjunction with Idea Legacy developed ALGOL to C++ translator


  • Developed Unisys COBOL to IBM COBOL translator


  • Began development of COBOL to C# translator


  • Released COBOL to C# translator
  • Successfully delivered first proof of concept projects


  • Released Web Transaction Server (TxServer) to replace traditional CICS emulation techniques with a native .NET alternative
  • Announced Support for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows


  • Announced support for Oracle
  • Announced the enhancement of ADO.NET capability to incorporate the DBCommon classes and methods


  • Announced the capability to convert VSAM datasets to normalized SQL Server Databases
  • Released a new utility that allows the creation and maintenance of normalized SQL Server databases from VSA datasets