C# Developer Cobol Migration Orientation

C# Developers Migration OrientationWe have spent a great deal of time and effort to insure that our tools provide the maximum amount of translation and restructuring practical. Nevertheless, there are certain elements of a program that depend on specific COBOL functionality. This has resulted in the need to provide a set of runtime classes that support the C# programs and provide this COBOL functionality, when required. To ensure the best understanding of the use of these classes we have created a C# Developer Migration Orientation course for those who will maintain and enhance the migrated code.

Minimizing Risk

COBOL programs have certain unique requirements based on the language itself that must be replicated exactly in order to minimize the risk of instability and ensure performance of the migrated programs. Ignoring these requirements has proven to substantially increase the number of program faults, incorrect results and logic failures.

A Stable Runtime Environment

In order to address these issues we have developed a compact runtime library that consists of classes and methods specifically built to support those COBOL functions and constructs that are critical to the stable, reliable and efficient operation of the migrated C# programs. These classes and methods are used in the C# program where a unique characteristic of COBOL requires them.

C# Developer Migration Orientation

In order for C# developers to easily and quickly become familiar with the migrated programs we offer a COBOL migration orientation course.  This course introduces the runtime classes and methods and assists the development staff in understanding their correct and appropriate use. Each orientation course begins with a brief explanation of the unique characteristics of the COBOL language that must be replicated by the runtime. Following this, the development staff is provided with specifics about each class and its methods.  They develop an understanding of why the class is necessary, how the class is used and what criteria the developer uses to select the appropriate classes and methods.

Higher Productivity

The end purpose of the course is to provide the highest developer productivity in the shortest amount of time.  This is done by insuring that the development staff is fully oriented toward the migrated C# programs and prepared to maintain and enhance them.

Learn More About Our Technology

The best way to understand is to see our technology in action.  If you would like to arrange a demonstration please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you.