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Thank you for your interest in our services. We have numerous information brochures and videos available for you to download in order to learn more about our COBOL to C# modernization and migration solution. To access them, please complete this form and an access link will immediately be emailed to you for downloading our materials.  Information submitted will not be shared with 3rd parties and will be kept strictly confidential.

Once you receive access after submission of your information, you will have access to the following white papers, brochures and videos:

  • The Migration/Modernization Dilemma – A white paper comparison of the various options for COBOL to C# migration/modernization projects: Re-architecting, Platform Migration, and/or Modernization
  • Code Transformation Pitfalls – A white paper describing the potential pitfalls of COBOL to C# migrations caused by improper data mapping
  • Web Transaction Server – A document describing Language Portability Solutions’ MVC-based Web Transaction Server
  • Migration Questionnaire  – A Questionnaire describing important items to consider when evaluating automated migration solutions
  • Code Samples  – A document containing samples of COBOL code and the corresponding C# produced automatically
  • LPS Services  – A description of the services offered by Language Portability Solutions
  • Legacy Migration Options  – A brief description of the options available when migrating legacy applications
  • The Pitfalls of Automation Parts 1 & 2  – Two brochures describing potential pitfalls when mapping data from COBOL to C#
  • VSAM File Migration   – A description of technologies available for VSAM emulation
  • Fast VSAM Emulation   – A discussion of how VSAM emulation techniques affect speed
  • What Really Matters in a COBOL to C# Conversion – A document that explains the two most important features in a COBOL to C# Conversion Process
  • Videos – Our YouTube Posted Videos

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To access our brochures and videos, please complete this form and an access link will immediately be emailed to you for downloading our materials.