New VSAM Emulation Engine

The most advanced automated migration technology just got better with our new VSAM Emulation Engine!

Language Portability Solutions, Inc. (LPS) is pleased to announce the availability of their new VSAM emulation engine.  This advanced capability allows complete normalization of the underlying SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 LUW database used in VSAM emulation.  For our clients, this provides a means of using the emulation database via standard SQL statements while migrated COBOL applications continue to access the emulation database just as if it were a VSAM file.

LPS has gone beyond simply assigning a column name for every field in the COBOL record that describes the VSAM dataset by providing many extra normalization options based on real-world experience with how VSAM datasets are actually used.  For example, occurring items can be handled inline in the normalized table or stored in a separate table.  Often, the record that describes a VSAM dataset has a header part that is common to all records in the dataset and a part that varies depending on the value of a field in the header. These variable parts are usually redefines of each other.  LPS automatically places these variable parts in separate tables.

These are only a few of the capabilities in the new LPS VSAM migration solution.  For the complete details please refer to the “Normalized Relational Database Implementation of VSAM Indexed Files” document on our Brochures and Videos Page